Double Helix
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Original airdate: April 2, 2017
Written by: Elizabeth Rinehart
Directed by: Donald Petrie
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Dead Meat
Next episode: Lily's Law

Double Helix is the seventh episode of the first season of Chicago Justice.


When a pregnant woman is found murdered and her baby cut out of her, the State's Attorney's Investigators race to find the baby and the killer. The case is complicated when it's revealed that the killer's DNA matches that of her father: a convicted serial killer already in prison. Both killers then attempt to use the DNA evidence as their ticket to freedom.


Main Cast

Guest Stars


  • Keely Vasquez as Amber
  • Lindsey Pearlman as Joy Fletcher
  • Andrew Varela as Doug Klein
  • Michelle Roberts as Willow Jones
  • Katie Klein as Woman #1
  • Anna Weis as Woman #2
  • Candice Monique as Woman #3
  • Tania Richard as Katie Johnson
  • Bridget Mary Brown as Maria
  • Nathaniel Elfant as Bicycle Messenger
  • Rebecca Jordan as Court Clerk
  • Eric Lynch as Officer Dichter
  • Keith Uchima as Man


  • Dick Wolf as Creator
  • Derek Haas as Developer
  • Michael Brandt as Developer
  • Matt Olmstead as Developer
  • Dick Wolf as Executive Producer
  • Michael S. Chernuchin as Executive Producer
  • Matt Olmstead as Executive Producer
  • Derek Haas as Executive Producer
  • Michael Brandt as Executive Producer
  • Arthur W. Forney as Executive Producer
  • Peter Jankowski as Executive Producer
  • Donald Petrie as Co-Executive Producer
  • Richard Sweren as Co-Executive Producer
  • Bill Chais as Co-Executive Producer
  • Lawrence Kaplow as Co-Executive Producer
  • Carla Corwin as Producer
  • Jonathan Strauss as Co-Producer
  • William N. Fordes as Consulting Producer
  • Peter Lauritson as Associate Producer
  • Lisa Wiegand as Director Of Photography
  • David Chapman as Production Designer
  • Jacques Gravett as Editor
  • Atli Örvarsson as Music
  • Jonathan Strauss as Casting
  • Philip Huffman as Casting
  • Marisa Ross as Casting
  • Christal Karge as Casting
  • Allison Intrieri as Executive Story Editor
  • April Fitzsimmons as Story Editor

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